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This accessories brand is designing a future that combines style, tradition and ethics

This accessories brand is designing a future that combines style, tradition and ethics
By Antonia Vasile

Bags are an essential part of our outfits for the obvious reason that we need to carry things, and also for styling them. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bag and know that you own a unique design made from natural fiber and plant waste that paid a person a real, satisfying wage? Explore the ethos of Vestella and learn more about their story from Valeria Senatra, Co-Founder & Brand Identity Director!

We sat down with Valeria Senatra, Co-Founder & Brand Identity Director at Vestella, and talked about how the brand was born, its mission, the sustainability challenges Vestella had to face, and what’s in store for the future.

ethical timeless handmade bags brand

Vestella was born during the pandemic when the whole world stopped. It is the “ethical dream” of 2 founding partners, that came to life during one of the many walks in the woods together with their labrador Zoe. “We imagined a different life for ourselves, what would it look like if we combined our skills and approach the world of sustainability. For us, this is the story of new-found awareness, dictated by emotions and by the feeling of well-being offered by nature, which revealed to us our responsibilities towards the planet and suggested a concrete commitment to help preserve life on earth” she told us. 

Thus was born Vestella, from the Italian words Verde (green) and Stella (star), a brand that wants to be a reference for ethical fashion, an expression of the Made in Italy artisan style and a gentle beauty that does not sacrifice the environment or animals. 

“The values ​​that inspired the birth of our brand are also the guidelines for the future: protecting the ‘Made in Italy’ tradition, and respect for our planet.” 

Vestella is the common thread that holds the past and the future together. For them, quality, style, and attention to detail are essential elements of every creation, but not at the expense of the environment. “We are aware that we do not have a planet B, and we believe that each of us, in our own small way, has a duty to contribute to positive change” she explained. 

Valeria went on to say “We want to make it possible to wear sustainable beauty by creating a “kind fashion” for those who – while respecting the environment – do not want to give up on style.” 

sustainable handmade bags brand

“Sustainability is a gradual process”

Often, the biggest difficulty is making a 100% sustainable product, and this is due to the lack of green alternatives to traditional materials. Valeria told us “we are constantly looking for innovation, and are committed to using more and more raw materials with reduced environmental impact.” 

However, ethical materials have a higher cost, which adds to the already higher costs of small artisanal production. For Vestella, this means having to bear a higher unit cost than fast fashion. Therefore, justifying the price of their products is another difficulty they have to face. 

Low-cost fast fashion has generated confusion and it is important to explain the value of creations. “Those who choose Vestella are choosing a brand that does not harm the environment or animals, and which is handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen who work in a sustainable environment and who are guaranteed the right remuneration” she explained. 

Sustainable responsible handmade bags brand

“Our ambitious project is sustainability”

Vestella aims to offer completely sustainable and quality fashion accessories for everyone. In Vestella’s future, there is the concept of spreading awareness.

Valeria concluded the interview by telling us “Our commitment is to raise awareness of ethical fashion while not giving up your style, always respecting life on earth.” 


How does this type of information make you feel? Would you like to see more brands open up about their production processes and future goals? Let us know in the comment section 💬😊

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