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Does the Devil wear Loro Piana?

Does the Devil wear Loro Piana?
By Renoon

At his last pro-war rally, Vladimir Putin wore a Loro Piana outfit for the value of 16000€, causing quite a stir among the international audience. But is it fair to blame the brand?

After having referred to Russians living in the West, “traitors of the nation”, on Friday 18th March – while boasting about Russian values and lambasting the “decadent” West – the autocrat Vladimir Putin showed up wearing a Made-in-Italy puffer jacket and turtleneck by Loro Piana, for the total value of 16,000€, which you can see in the picture below.

Putin wearing Loro Piana Responsible Shopping
President Vladimir Putin in the mentioned Loro Piana outfit, worth 16,000 €

A beautiful outfit, one that is worth more than 30 times the average monthly Russian salary

As expected, this caused quite a stir among the international community. A petition was immediately drafted calling for the brand to denounce the Russian president and to distance itself from him. But does it really make sense to pick on Loro Piana for Putin’s choice of fashion? The creator of the brand, Pier Luigi Loro Piana, distanced himself from Putin in his message by highlighting the underlying reason for his outrage:

“We are absolutely against this war and certainly it was not appropriate for the Russian president to appear in public wearing a high-end garment while the Russian people are also in economic difficulties due to sanctions. We found ourselves in front of an advertisement that was certainly not pleasant while in reality we are helping the Ukrainian people” he stated.

Indeed, Loro Piana – part of LVMH – is one of several European luxury brands that have interrupted supplies in Russia since the beginning of March and closed their boutiques indefinitely. Moreover, the company has donated €5 million for aid to the Ukrainian population.

Small Businesses Sustainable Fashion 2022
Images by Carne Bollente (left) and Bedford St (right): two small businesses you can support

While it’s positive that fashion designers are getting involved in political and social issues, it’s not fair to think that the political views of clients mirror those of the brands they buy from

Social media activism is useful and important, but it should be done with actual knowledge of the facts, and not just pointing the finger against someone that has no responsibility in this matter, as we believe it is in this case. Our voice can have an important impact in the world: we must learn to use it with caution, researching before forming an opinion and always being open-minded about what other people think. Remember: no one is perfect, we are all on a journey to do better!

So, which side are we on?

Guys, it’s not about sides here. What this episodes demonstrates is that clothes mean so much more than just something to cover ourselves from the cold. “Tell me what you wear and I’ll tell you who you are”.

P.S. we can’t comment on Loro Piana’s ethical practices either since they are not a brand verified by Renoon.

Sustainable Fashion 2022 Loro Piana Shopping Responsibly Putin's fashion
Images by DEDICATED. (left) and itslemonwater (right)

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