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Clothes And Accessories To Gift To A Vegan This Christmas

Clothes And Accessories To Gift To A Vegan This Christmas
By Sarah King

What do you buy to that loved one that is vegan? Does the present have to be vegan? How do you even find items that are vegan? Sarah King is here to answer your questions all about how to shop for a vegan + you get a quick X-mas guide full of ideas for this Holiday season!

We can’t put it off for much longer, Christmas shopping season has officially begun and it’s time to start planning what gifts you’ll be getting for your friends and family. Many of us may have increasing numbers of vegans within our families or friendship circles, and it can be tricky to know what to buy them for Christmas, especially when it comes to clothes or accessories. 

But before we dive in, we just wanted to let you know that we have launched Renoon’s very first e-Gift Card. Over 30+ stores with sustainability at heart in one card. The easiest way to gift with a purpose, and avoid all the hassle and waste that is linked to Xmas!

It’s important to think about a person’s values and beliefs when buying them a gift

So consider what they would be happy with before purchasing. You’ll also want to buy them something they will keep forever – much less wasteful that way. According to a recent survey by Finder, over 21 million people receive at least one unwanted gift each Christmas, and, worse still, around 5% of those gifts are just thrown away – not even regifted, sold or given to charity!

Here are some ideas for gifts that are 100% vegan, and sure to put a smile on the face of your loved one… 

Clothes And Accessories To Gift To A Vegan This Christmas 2021
Image via Kings of Indigo

The Scarf 

A scarf is a classic Christmas gift, and it has the added benefit of not needing to know the persons sizes! But most scarves are still made of sheep’s wool which is not a vegan material, or they’re made from synthetic materials which aren’t a sustainable material either. Thought have got a great range of scarves made from vegan-friendly materials, like this Octavius Scarf by Kings of Indigo made from recycled acrylic and GOTS certified organic cotton. Discover Renoon’s selection of Vegan Scarves

Clothes And Accessories To Gift To A Vegan This Christmas 2021
Image via Mashu

The bag

Everyone has a favourite bag, whether it’s a sleek handbag that makes them feel invincible, or a sturdy backpack that joins them on adventures. Why not gift your loved one their new favourite bag, something they will use all the time and think of you each time they pick it up? If you’re buying new, animal leather should be avoided, instead opt for vegan alternatives that are made from sustainable materials. The Nicole Black Sustainable Handbag by Mashu is made with Desserto – a vegan leather made from cactus leaves, and can be worn across the body or over the shoulder, perfect for day-to-night wear! Discover Renoon’s selection of Vegan Bags

Clothes And Accessories To Gift To A Vegan This Christmas 2021
Image via Womsh

The Trainers

Trainers that are free from leather or suede are becoming more popular in the fashion industry as more people are opting for animal-free footwear. These Womsh Vegan Wave Golden Beige’s would make the ideal gift for any vegan sneakerhead, and the fact that they’re made with a sustainable alternative to leather is a bonus. Womsh uses apple skin leather, a material made from apple skin and core waste. Discover Renoon’s selection of Vegan Shoes!

Clothes And Accessories To Gift To A Vegan This Christmas 2021
Image via Dedicated

The Jumper

Trying to find secondhand jumpers for vegans can be difficult as a lot of knitwear is made with wool or cashmere. So, if you’re looking for a new jumper, opt for materials like organic cotton, hemp or even soybean cashmere (although this may be harder to find). Vegan brand, Dedicated, offers a great selection of giftable knitwear, including this Rutbo Blocks Jumper made from organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell

Clothes And Accessories To Gift To A Vegan This Christmas 2021
Image via Virón

The Boots

Boots are the ultimate footwear of choice for winter and can make a fantastic Christmas present. The 1997 Black Apple from Virón would be top of the list for any fashion-conscious vegan, they’re perfect for winter but could easily be worn on a night out in summer too. Made with apple skin leather in this classic combat-style design, these boots were made for gifting! Discover Renoon’s selection of Vegan Boots!

We hope this quick Christmas guide gave you a hand for shopping for your vegan loved ones. And in case you want to explore more cool brands doing things responsibly, make sure to download the app to discover many more!

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