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Burberry s ECONYL® capsule: the top 5 pieces

Burberry s ECONYL® capsule: the top 5 pieces
By Renoon

Discover our favorite pieces from Burberry’s ECONYL® capsule collection.

This August 2019, Burberry is introducing a new capsule crafted with ECONYL® sustainable nylon to iterate on the heritage trench and car coat silhouettes meeting the modern side of the brand.


From the 9 pieces just launched, here are the top 5 we chose.

Burberry’s ECONYL® capsule:
N.1 Detachable Hood ECONYL® Trench Coat

From heritage to future: the best combination comes in 3 colors. Beige is the classic one. 

Detachable Hood ECONYL® Trench Coat Burberry

Discover also the RED or BLACK version.

Burberry’s ECONYL® capsule:
N.2 Logo Detail ECONYL® Car Coat

Refreshed Burberry logo in a total black lightweight car coat. 

Burberry's ECONYL® capsule Logo Detail ECONYL® Car Coat

Burberry’s ECONYL® capsule:
N.3 Monogram ECONYL® Jacquard Car Coat

Staying in black and a Monogram pattern for a more sophisticated twist.

Monogram ECONYL® Jacquard Car Coat

Burberry’s ECONYL® capsule:
N.4 Cape Detail ECONYL® Belted Coat

Belted shape for a total black rainy day.

Burberry Cape Detail ECONYL® Belted Coat

Burberry’s ECONYL® capsule:
N.5 Detachable Hood ECONYL® Jacket

A short piece in Vintage check linen and detachable hood. 

Detachable Hood ECONYL® Jacket

Find other Trenchcoats on Renoon: both pre-loved and responsible versions! 

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