Bio and Recycled materials: lets talk about Pangaia

Bio and Recycled materials: lets talk about Pangaia
By Renoon

Pangaia is an eco-friendly company employing advanced technology to bring modern and ethically produced clothing. Launching the first collection o…

Pangaia is an eco-friendly company employing advanced technology to bring modern and ethically produced clothing. Launching the first collection of essentials less than a year ago, Pangaia (backed by the likes of Pharrell Williams) is a collective of backgrounds, experiences, expertise and ideas. 

Bio and Recycled by Pangaia: 
About the brand

Point 1: what does Pangaia mean? 

Pan: all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion
Gaia: Mother Earth

– We are made up of individuals from all over the globe, with the same guiding principles […] Here, scientists and technologists connect with designers and the next generation of creative minds, to create functional, sustainable products. And we believe they should be beautiful. No matter if they are made from next generation bio materials or recycled fibers. We design products for living in, for any situation and for basic needs. Woven with smart technology, made with as many sustainable and recyclable elements as possible. It’s not 100% natural. Yet. But we’re working on it. –

There is a video for a full inside-the-brand immersion: 

Bio and Recycled by Pangaia: 
The Technology

Pangaia partners with the world’s leading research institutions, laboratories and scientists to bring to life the latest problem-solving innovations in materials science through their products. They pioneer breakthrough vegan technologies like wild flower down, use bio-based fibers like seaweed yarn, as well as materials made from recycled plastic and garment waste.

bio and recycled fashion pangaia

Attention to packaging! 

Every PANGAIA product comes in biodegradable packaging, which will fully disappear in 24 weeks in a compost bin.

Bio and Recycled by Pangaia: 

Through Pangaia’s philanthropy platform, Missions, the brand wants to give a whole range of ways to give back and encourage any active involvement (donating time, energy or contributing funds to pioneering individuals and organizations).

Ocean plastic pollution is one of the brand’s Missions, so when a purchase of any PANGAIA product is made, 1% of it is donated to 5 Gyres (a non-profit organization that empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, art, education, and adventure).

Bio and Recycled by Pangaia: 

PANGAIA products are created together with technologically advanced laboratories and trusted European factories in Italy and Portugal. 
Sustainability is the raison d’etre of the brand and is translated in attention to all details: from sourcing, production and ready fabric to trims, labels, threads and zippers. 

Pangaia has an essential line + special collections and collaborations. 
We picked 2 items of the essential line + one of the special collection.

N1: Pangaia Seaweed fiber t-shirt (essentials)

Lightweight saltwater seaweed fiber and GOTS certified organic cotton combined to create a soft, relaxed fit t-shirt. 
(Reduces water waste by up to 3000 liters over its lifetime. *compared to a regular t-shirt)

Pangaia Seaweed fiber t-shirt sustainable fashion

N2: Recycled cotton hoodie (essentials)

Made using 100% Japanese recycled cotton mix of the highest quality. 
The cotton used in this hoodie was either recycled or grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals, respecting the soil and saving water.

Pangaia recycled cotton hoodie

N3: Protect The Species T-Shirt (by Raku Inoue)

Inspired by nature and driven by the desire to protect it.
The materials: seaweed fiber, natural dyes made from plants, fruits and vegetables, flower down, recycled materials.
The special collection: Raku Inoue is an artist. In this collection, he portrays the most endangered animals.

The print of this T-Shirt is a Ceylon Rose Butterfly, one of the critically endangered species due to climate change, pollution and habitat loss caused by man-made destruction.

Protect The Species T-Shirt Pangaia

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