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On denim, sustainability and how she uses Renoon: Ani Wells from Simply Suzette

On denim, sustainability and how she uses Renoon: Ani Wells from Simply Suzette
By Renoon

Ani Wells – the Founder of Simply Suzette and one of our great advocates – shares with us her insights of the denim industry, her advice to anyone starting their sustainability journeys, and more.

Ani Wells is a Sustainable Denim & Communications Specialist, as well as the Director and Founder of Simply Suzette – a virtual space for denim lovers to learn more about the sustainable production processes in the fashion industry.

We are happy to welcome her in the app as a Verified Advocate, and get to have a quick chat with her about sustainability in the denim industry, what she thinks are the biggest challenges in fashion, and more!

We leave the word to Ani…

Advice on sustainability, the denim industry and more with Simply Suzette 2021
Images via Mud Jeans

This is what I wish more people knew about sustainable fashion

I wish the average person who is not interested in fashion knew the entire journey their clothes take before they reach their hands and the journey their garments take when they are done with them.

When adding brands to my Renoon profile I…

I am looking for companies investing in R&D and working with their suppliers to make changes together. I am always interested in brands using innovative fibers and dyes while promoting a circular and regenerative industry.

Advice on sustainability, the denim industry and more with Simply Suzette 2021
Image via Simply Suzette (left) and Ksenia Schnaider (right)

I am most proud of my impact on consumers’ knowledge and my voice in the denim industry.

Being amongst the Rivet50 Honourees in 2020 and the 2021 nominees for Voices of Change were very proud moments. I put in countless hours of research to ensure I am putting out credible and accurate information for consumers and industry professionals to be informed about best practices and new solutions in the denim industry.

I am very excited for the fashion industry because we are at a huge turning point

For years, we have been raising awareness and having many conversations around what needs to change to ensure a fair, just, and responsible industry. And we have reached a point where people are getting tired of talking about it. That’s when, I believe, real change can start to happen. This is where talk turns into action. And all the talk about de-growth and decentralization in the fashion industry is extremely encouraging to tackle the myriad of challenges in our industry.

All in all, I think we are in fascinating times as we get to experiment on what best practice looks like and continue to improve materials and processes for the better with some creative ingenuity.

Advice on sustainability, the denim industry and more with Simply Suzette 2021
Images via Kuyichi

I believe the biggest challenge in our industry is our model of growth

Success has been defined by generating more profit, and creating more profit has meant producing more products. But, there is too much stuff being made than we know what to do with and to achieve a circular and regenerative economy, we must turn off the tap that keeps flooding the world with new products from virgin materials. If we keep on with our current growth model, overproduction and overconsumption will continue to run rampant.

My advice to starting your sustainability journey is to start with something small

It can be pretty daunting when you think about all of the changes you’d like to make in your current consumption habits, but starting with something you know you can maintain will keep you motivated to keep making small changes. Eventually, all those small changes will result in your zero-waste life! If you are just starting your journey, a great place to start is looking for your Wishlist items second-hand. But, the number one thing you can do is to ask yourself why you are buying something. When you start buying with intention, you will create a real relationship between yourself and your material items.


You can discover more about Simply Suzette on the app – you will be able to find all of her approved denim brands + products on her profile!

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