Adidas is dropping Kanye despite the Yeezy brand collab accounting for 8% of total sales

Adidas is dropping Kanye despite the Yeezy brand collab accounting for 8% of total sales
By Renoon

25th October 13:30 Amsterdam, Bloomberg announces Adidas plans to end its partnership with Kanye West following a rash of offensive behavior from the rapper and designer that turned a once-thriving shoe brand into a lightning rod for criticism.

Why is this important?

A celebrity with 50 million followers like Kanye West has many eyes watching. He and those alike arguably have a lot of responsibility (or burden for some) for what they say and the consequences of their statements…

Especially when they touch on values and ethics around human history, which can influence the beliefs & actions of many others.

Kanye (Ye), shocked the many with reportedly antisemitic comments and what seemed conspiracy theories, criticizing “Black Lives Matter”. He put this behavior on his mental health and his suffering from bipolar disorder. Is this enough justification? Many people watching feel like he is just promoting hatred and drama.

What is happening with Kanye?

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We are almost so used to the drama around his life, that most of us didn’t even see what was going on. We – as in Renoon’s team – also missed it; we thank Femke from our community who signaled it to us.

So far at least five organizations have distanced themselves from Kanye West after making multiple antisemitic comments.

Here are 3 key episodes that reportedly happened these days:

1. Wearing a t-shirt saying “White Lives Matter” at the Paris Fashion Week

2. “I can say anti-Semitic things. Adidas can’t drop me” is an actual quote from Kanye

3. Controversial posts on social media

The German brand Adidas announced (Bloomberg) just this morning – that is following other brands like Balenciaga, and GAP to drop him…

…unlike what he predicted.

What will happen to Kanye West? What about his famous sneakers line in collaboration with Adidas, Yeezy? Stay tuned to find more.

In the meantime:

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