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6 things we learned from 6 sustainable fashion podcasts

6 things we learned from 6 sustainable fashion podcasts
By Renoon

When it comes to podcasts these days, like any other form of entertainment, there are more options than ever. But it can be so hard to sort them all out for your next audio download. Here’s our top 6 podcasts on sustainable fashion that you will just LOVE!

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? However, with the endless number of options for us to choose from, it might be hard to find the one to actually interests catch our interest. Here are some things we learned by listening to our 5 of our favorite podcasts on sustainable fashion. You should check them out!

1. How fashion week can be made sustainable

From Wardrobe Crisis with Clara Press, a fashion podcast discussing sustainability, ethical fashion, and other topical issues related to the industry. In this episode featuring Cecile Thorsmark (CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week) we learned how she introduced pioneering new sustainability rules as a prerequisite of brands showing on the Danish runway, and what it takes to reduce the carbon footprint of such an event. If you are interested in purchasing carbon neutral items, here’s our selection of brands! 

The Wardrobe Crisis Sustainable fashion podcast
Images by Clara Press & The Wardrobe Crisis

2. High heels can indeed exist in a de-growth world

From Conscious Chatter with Kestrel Jenkins, the podcast starting the conversation about our clothing and its impact. In this episode with Marula Tsagkari, a de-growth advocate and PhD candidate at the University of Barcelona, the host discussed the idea of de-growth (i.e.: the abolition of economic growth as primary goal of our societies) and fashion coinciding. The main idea is to scale down our expectations for constantly having new collections and focus more on our community and local level

Conscious Chatter Sustainable Fashion Podcast Shopping Responsibly 2022
Images by Conscious Chatter & Kestrel Jenkins

3. What it takes to build a truly inclusive brand

The Conscious Style Podcast, hosted by Elizabeth Joy, is the weekly podcast trying to answer the question What will it really take to create a more sustainable and equitable future for fashion? by interviewing several experts, from labor activists to slow fashion entrepreneurs. In this episode, Elizabeth interviews Trisha Bantigue – of Queenly –  to unpack what it takes to build an authentically inclusive and representative fashion business, from the hiring process to marketing campaigns to sizing!

Elizabeth Joy (left) and image by the Conscious Style Podcast (right)

4. There is a link between overconsumption and our personal style

From Clotheshorse with Amanda Lee McCarthy, “the podcast that loves clothes but hates capitalism”. In this episode, together with Audrey of Flourish, the host talked about why we overconsume clothing and how we can get that back in check by knowing ourselves better. They also addressed the rise of prices at thrifting stores, giving some hypotheses on the reasons behind it.

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Clotheshorse Sustainable Fashion Podcast Shopping responsibly 2022
Images by Amanda Lee McCarthy & Clotheshorse

5. The origin story behind Chanel’s iconic IT bag

From the Pre-loved podcast with Emily Stochl, the weekly podcast analyzes the subject of second-hand from various perspectives. For instance, in an interview with Alexandra of classic_coco, they give some insights about what makes vintage Chanel SO high quality, and the origin stories behind some of those unique details we might think of as being “classic Chanel”. Of course, we’re talking about the Chanel 2.55 bag. P.S.: check out Renoon’s selection of second-hand bags!

Pre-loved podcast sustainable fashion podcasts shopping responsibly 2022
Images by Emily Stochl

6. What COP26 is and why itis so important

From YIKES with Mikaela Loach and Josephine Becker, the current affairs podcast breaking down our world’s issues. In this episode, featuring Farhana Yamin, we learned what COP26 is, why it is so important and what is to be expected within the UN negotiations (but also outside the formal meetings)

Yikes Sustainable Fashion Podcast Shopping Responsibly 2022Images by YIKES

Happy listening and happy learning!

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