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5 actions we are taking for Biodiversity International Day

5 actions we are taking for Biodiversity International Day
By Renoon

Today, May 22nd, is a very important date for sustainability. The world is celebrating the International day for biological diversity. This is Giulia, Renoon’s member and I’m sharing what I’m doing today together with other people I met through Renoon.

We are using it as an opportunity to remind ourselves of how important biodiversity for the planet to be beautiful and habitable for humans and all the other species. Join us in the 5 actions we are taking today.

First things first: defining biodiversity

Biodiversity (which is the abbreviation of biological diversity) refers to every living thing and it is the term that describes the variety of life on Earth. We are inextricably linked to the environment and we depend on it for food, water and air, but also for raw materials to produce anything we need or desire. Biodiversity and nature are unique and valuable, and in my opinion, it is extremely important that we keep limiting harmful human activities which are the main causes we are losing our biodiversity.

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We believe that now we must rebuild our relationship with nature.

#1 Throwing seed bombs around

Seed bombs, also called Earth bombs, are composed of a variety of different seeds mixed with fertilizer (like compost) and rolled within a ball of clay. Originally they were used by Guerrilla Gardeners who had political purposes and started to use those in protests.  Consequently, flowers and food plants started raising in abandoned or private sites and improve degraded urban areas.

Today we can create homemade seed bombs easily thanks to online recipes or we can buy them in gardening shops. The idea is then to can search for abandoned lands or unused fields to throw them. Hopefully, beautiful new gardens will start to grow.

biodiversity ideight sustainable sneakers

On Renoon there is a special brand which got inspired by those famous seed bombs. If you search for Id.eight on Renoon’s app, you’ll be able to order a pair of their sustainable sneakers and, inside the package, you will also find a seed to plant in a pot or to throw in a grey area of your city.

2# Supporting organizations protecting the environment

Searching for local or national organizations aimed at protecting the environment and stopping biodiversity loss is also a great way to contribute. These organizations work every day to maintain ecologically ecosystems, to rebuild the balance of protected biotopes – like forests or ponds – and to spread awareness about environmental topics. We can support them by making donations, joining their teams, volunteering or sharing their posts, or articles on social media.

5 actions you could take for the International Day for Biological Diversity
Bondi Born

On Renoon, many brands support nonprofit organizations. For example, Bondi Born, an Australian brand that produces sophisticated swimwear, plants a tree every time an order is placed through a nonprofit partner called One Tree Planted. They believe planting trees is a real and possible solution to support biodiversity as they absorb greenhouse gases and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. To stay updated on their activities, you can follow them on Renoon’s app!

3# Helping bees

Bees and other pollinators contribute efficiently to pollinate trees, bushes and herbaceous plants, contributing to 90% of the world’s food production. The bees are the ones to thank every time we taste a juicy strawberry or an exquisite peach, but also when we wear our fav pair of shoes or our jacket made by apple eco-leather.

This 20th May was World Bee Day and for the occasion Angelina in collaboration with @natgeo created a portrait covered in bees.

Angelina in collaboration with @natgeo
Angelina in collaboration with @natgeo

Bees help us every day working tirelessly, so you can believe that helping them back is a great way to protect our biodiversity. Here is an easy way to do that: you can sow bee-friendly flowers on you balcony or garden or in a park! Some plants which provide the essential habitat to our pollinator friends: Rosemary, Marigold, Alexandrine clover, Buckwheat, Marigold, Alfalfa, Coriander, Cumin, Thyme, Lavender, Sunflower.

There are only two precautions to consider: choosing native plants and buying seeds that haven’t been pre-treated with pesticides.

4# Choosing non-polluting home products

Every day we use water, by drinking it, using it to clean or showering. Clean water is one of the most precious things we have on Earth and we must preserve it. But how can we do that? One of the many ways is to choose more carefully the products with which we clean our homes. For example, using Marseille soap for laundries and going for vinegar, baking soda and lemon to remove nasties around the rooms are great eco-friendly alternatives!

5 actions you could take for the International Day for Biological Diversity
Bower swimwear

By using chemical-free products, the water loaded into the rivers, lakes and then oceans won’t contain acids or abrasives solvents. Unlike commercial chemical options which are highly polluting and can have a serious impact on biodiversity, especially on aquatic environments. If saving water is important for you, you can check out Renoon’s app for brands that share your values. Bower for example, is a great swimwear brand for those that want to make a change (and look good!).

5# Beach or mountain cleaning party

5 actions you could take for the International Day for Biological Diversity
Bower swimwear

Giulia from Renoon’s community says: “This summer, I really want to go to the beach or the mountains and I like to spend this time productively by looking for a team of open-minded people who are happy to walk in the nature, cleaning the stunning places and panoramas the planet provides us with. We need nothing else than a big bag to collect the waste we find on our path, a full water bottle, patience and possibly a speaker, to sing and dance while cleaning.”

The bottom line

Biodiversity is essential for human survival and it has been proved that a nature-rich environment is essential for people’s health and mental wellbeing.

Its gradual loss is the sad reality, but other than these five ways to positively contribute, many more exist! Finally, the last step to be part of the change and to celebrate world biodiversity day is to raise people’s awareness by sharing your knowledge with your friends and family. You can start, for example, by sharing this article on your socials to let all your close ones know the importance of this day!

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