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3 Ukrainian brands with sustainability at heart: we are supporting now

3 Ukrainian brands with sustainability at heart: we are supporting now
By Renoon

We #StandwithUkraine and send all of our prayers in solidarity. Here’s a list of the Ukrainian brands that you can find on Renoon and some accounts to check out to stay updated

Peace and respect for others: values you might also stand for if you are reading this. With the tragic events happening in Ukraine, we need to talk about this, stand and support the Ukrainian community the best we can.

Renoon is your source for brands that were born with sustainability at heart and place values at their core. So, we looked at who were the brands born and based in Ukraine that you could look into right now.

Gigi Hadid wearing patchwork from Ukrainian Fashion Brand

Even Gigi Hadid was seen in Ksenia Schnaider

This slow fashion brand was born in 2011 with the aim of creating fashion pieces by reworking discarded materials. They portray European cultural quotes or innovative digital concepts through their designs. They produce in Ukrain and you can find the interview we did with their founders here.

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Ksenia Schneider Ukrainian brands Sustainable fashion 2022 Shopping Responsibly
Images by Ksenia Schnaider

SINOBI – not Renoon verified yet

This brand was born in 2019 when Alexander and Shushan set out to create footwear that was stylish but healthy and sustainable at the same time. SINOBI believes that everything starts with ourselves. The way we treat ourselves shapes our attitude to the world around us.

This brand is sold by our friends at PARO Store, so we rely on publicly disclosed data for their brand assessment.

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SINOBI Ukrainian brands Shopping responsibly Sustainable Fashion 2022
Images by SINOBI

Sleeper – not Renoon verified yet

This locally produced brand was launched in 2014 by two former fashion editors Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. All garments are made in Kyiv, Ukraine and every piece is hand-crafted by a single artisan with the minimal involvement of machinery, allowing to reduce carbon emissions. They closely study materials before sourcing and aim to select responsible textiles, which are proved by international standards and certificates.

This brand is sold by different partner stores like LVRSustainable, so we rely on publicly disclosed data for their brand assessment.

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sleepers Sustainable fashion 2022 Ukrainian brands Shopping reponsibly Made in Ukraine
Images by sleeper

We’re staying updated with @razomforukraine and for different ways we can all help with.

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